Research and Development Openings at Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data

      Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data (SRIBD) is one of the fundamental research agencies at Shenzhen, which are formed and supported by the Shenzhen Government. The institute conducts academic research and technology development on three major areas, including the basic theory of big data, the future new computing system for big data and the data-driven intelligent applications. It is committed to building a world-leading research team to solve the major scientific and technological issues in the field of big data, as well as to establishing a collaborative research and development platform for the big-data-related partners from academia and industry in Shenzhen, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area, China and the world.

       SRIBD is based on the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) (CUHKSZ), located at Longgang District, Shenzhen. Currently, the research team of SRIBD consists of world-renowned data scientists with extensive experience in information processing, data analysis and industrial cooperation. All team members have overseas study/working experience, and have made great achievements in the fields of optimization theory and algorithm design, machine learning, large-scale data processing, and statistical signal processing.

       SRIBD and CUHKSZ have a joint student education program to jointly train doctoral and master students. Meanwhile SRIBD has joint laboratories with Tencent AI Lab and JD AI platform respectively, to jointly cultivate doctoral students. Besides, SRIBD cooperates with many famous international universities such as University of Michigan and Stanford University to co-supervise postdoctoral fellows.

       According to the development needs of the institute, we are now recruiting outstanding researchers world-wide. For highly outstanding academic talents, we can support the joint faculty application across SRIBD and CUHKSZ. The following research backgrounds are preferred (but not limited to): large-scale data processing, machine learning, statistical learning, natural language processing, computer vision, medical big data, network and data security, intelligent information systems, big data visualization, and etc.

       Specific recruitment information is as follows.

A. Recruitment position

 I. Academic Staff

 •  Full-time employment of SRIBD

  1. Principal Research Fellow, 2 persons
  2. Senior Research Fellow, 2 persons
  3. Research Fellow, 2 persons
  4. Associate Research Fellow, 6 persons
  5. Assistant Research Fellow, 8 persons

 •  Joint employment of SRIBD and CUHKSZ

  1. Principal Research Fellow/Professor, 2 persons
  2. Senior Research Fellow/Professor, 3 persons
  3. Research Fellow/Professor, 3 persons
  4. Associate Research Fellow/Associate Professor, 8 persons
  5. Assistant Research Fellow/Assistant Professor, 12 persons

• Qualifications:

  1. Ph.D. in related fields from well-known universities
  2. Fluent in English as a primary working language
  3. Solid background in scientific research and high quality paper publication record
  4. Interests in commercializing the research results
  5. Able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues in different fields and abide by academic ethics

 II. Research Associate and Project Engineers, 5 persons


  1. Master degree or above, major in information engineering, computer science, data science or related
  2. Experience in engineering and software development is preferred
  3. Experience and ability to use open source technology to implement big data applications in some specific environments
  4. Work with a strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, and communication skills
  5. Applicants with the following experience are preferred: medical big data, natural language processing, machine learning, data mining, network and data security, big data visualization, information systems, financial engineering, etc.


B. Salary and Advantages

  1. SRIBD will provide an internationally competitive annual salary. Please contact for details.
  2. Opportunities to work with research teams of international influence.
  3. Researchers can rely on SRIBD to apply for various national, provincial and Shenzhen’s projects.
  4. SRIBD adopts an international assessment and evaluation mechanism.


C. Application materials

• Academic Staff:

  1. Research plan (2 pages);
  2. Three recent representative papers;
  3. Three referees: affiliation, position and email address;
  4. Resume (in English).)

• Research Associate and Project Engineer:

  1. Resume (in English or Chinese);
  2. Two referees. Please provide the names and contact details: affiliation, position and email address.

Applicants should send the above materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


D. Selection Procedure

The Search Committee will first conduct a screening based on the application materials.

Qualified candidates will be invited to participate in on-site or remote interviews. 

Contact:Prof. Cui Laizhong

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone number: 86-755-84273611

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